Tanking and kitty


Hey guys,

Man I am tired! Just 4 days of work to go and I can have a little break which will hopefully revitalise me for a few months.

Guess what I have been doing recently? Gearing my DK to tank!

I haven’t had a lot of experience tanking, I have done it once at current max level (2 dungeons yesterday), and once on my pally when I was leveling her to 70. I have also done some lowbie tanking, but that doesn’t really count considering I was like 45 levels off from max level at the time.

So yesterday I went in and tank my first dungeon… I pretty much failed. I put it down to the fact that I did not check everything after I spec changed back to blood from frost… yes, blood presence is indeed very important in holding threat. I suppose I should have remembered or worked out something was wrong because I couldn’t hold agro. I put it down to the fact I had 2 dps that were twice as geared as I was in the heroic. I am not ashamed to admit I had a little bit of a cry after that heroic. What set me off was probably the warrior telling me to hold threat, and I was that frustrated because I was blood boiling and taunting and couldn’t hold agro and couldn’t work out why and the warlock would pull mobs whenever it felt things should go a bit faster. Luckily though that the other dps weren’t that bad and didn’t totally rage at me, and that my mate (who has resto shammied quite a bit before) can heal anyone without any trouble. Even my bf managed to pull agro on his little mage, though his mage has got slightly better gear haha. When I realised I didn’t have blood presence I am not sure if I felt more stupid or if it made me feel better that without it I wouldn’t be doing so great. I agreed to go in to another heroic and didn’t have a problem with threat after that… ๐Ÿ˜›

In saying this though, it really frustrates me when dps don’t give new tanks a go. Granted I was lucky to have gotten the people I did because my self esteem was already copping a battering by myself, let alone receiving criticism from others. I can be the biggest troll to my own self esteem, thanks. I actually felt bad for a tank last night after dealing with my first experience that day – I went into Terrace. I got in at the same time as our new tank and he said he was new and people understood and that was fine, however there is one fatal flaw in this story. I know that I don’t want to go into a raid unprepared. I want to know what is expected of me, what is likely to happen and when to tank swap. Luckily my bf will be main tanking beside me so I will feel better. However this tank didn’t listen. Essentially we had 3 tanks on Sha. We had the main tank who would more often than not get sucked away by omnious crackle, the off tank who was new and stood outside of the circle, myself as frost and an enhance shammy who would stand in the circle to keep up the wall while the main tank was away – so we were like half a tank each. Try as he might with taunting, the off tank couldn’t work out (even with us telling him to come stand where we were) why he wasn’t keeping agro. I felt for him, but I also tried telling him to come stand where I was – which was greeted with silence. Not that I can do any better – I only know the mechanics of Sha for a tank because we have had several tanks who haven’t understood the circle of light principle, but I knew to go in as frost because of that fact. I hate not knowing, I feel like I let down everyone if I were to make a mistake, especially if it is something crucial like knowing mechanics or the basics of tanking.

Then last night I got the urge to make a little toon to level. Why? Because. That’s my answer. I just felt like leveling a toon and having fun, so Laanel was born. She is a little nelf druid on Khaz, and I had quite a bit of fun on her. Level 13 and has 2 sets of BoA gear (4 pieces) one clothy stuff and one leather agi. I am currently kitty, so I look quite strange in my gear haha.


Yes, Laanel has no shoes. I don’t think she really cares either haha.

What I am caring about though is what her professions will be.

To be honest I am not sure what I will be making her be or do, so I am not sure whether it is worth working out professions to min/max. After all, I have that many toons that she could end up doing anything.. just probably not be a caster/healer as Kam is my resto druid. I think Laanel will be a kitty as that is what Kam was originally going to be until I decided to play pvp resto on her. To be honest I haven’t even really read profession changes either, but one thing that would always be helpful is a druid that can herb and mine. I just love being able to herb as a bird – so much easier near mobs.

Only time will tell!


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30 days of WoW and update


Hi guys.

I am writing this technically yesterday, but want to explain what I am going to do.

I have been all over the place recently with blogging, and now don’t really have a spare moment to schedule posts either – unless I give up WoW time, and then my blog would be really boring without its main subject!

So first off I want to address the 30 days of WoW.

Instead of completely stopping it, I have decided I will answer the questions in this blog. I don’t want to not finish it, but I fear that if I just put it in pause I will forget about it completely.

Secondly, real life has been a bit of a whirlwind at the moment – firstly I am organising adult things like my own personal private health, paying bills (which I have been for several years, but everything ALL AT ONCE!!!), plus have several events I am helping with or am a part of which requires a bit of attention. Sadly, there has been several people that have died recently that I know, or who have known me since I was a kid, and I feel it is important to attend them, if I am able to, so blogging around this time might be a bit hard – especially if I have to handle work jobs such as funeral booklets/handouts. Not that this is hard, or troublesome, I just won’t have the time or even think about blogging at night time after working hard during the day… the brain disappears into TV/WoW land never to return!

So essentially what I am saying is I apologise for bringing forward the WoW posts, and that while the busy mad season has already started, I will try and post when I can’t, but I am not promising anything. Hopefully with all the new alpha posts, and beta soon, I will have some more interesting and funny posts. Would love to discuss the scenery and character models in a post at some point!

Oh, as of today I am a graduate of sorts! I have been signed off on my Diploma, hooray! ๐Ÿ™‚


Now: onto the 30 days!


9. First Class – My first class ever was my Belf Priest. She spent 1-10 as holy before I was told that shadow would probably be easier to level as. Heck things have changed so much and it is certainly more fun to level a priest these days, but back in BC for a newbie it was utter hurt!

10. Favourite Class – Oooooh, hard! I honestly don’t know or wouldn’t possibly be able to choose! I have very special reasons for liking all of my toons… I think the easiest for me to level while still enjoying was possibly monk, but in saying that she was the last fully leveled from scratch toon, and did have an xp boost.

11. Class you want to level – I have every class, plus a few. I want to level a new toon from scratch, but I want to decide whether to go Horde or Alliance. This would determine my choice in server, and then I’d pick a class. I’d say possibly another warlock, a druid or perhaps warrior.

12. Non-playable race you wish was playable – I’d loveeeeee to see murlocs be playable, and that you could just run after people making noise and attacking them. Grief all of the people MRGRLGRLRLRLLRRRRLLLL!

13. Favourite lore – Ooo tough, but I do love the lore regarding Illidan. I really should read more into it, but having watched the Black Temple patch trailer for the first time got me really excited! I think in WoD it is going to be very exciting to see everything how it once ‘used to be’!

14. Battleground – AV, for sure. I am Alliance predominantly after all. I really dislike the protect the flag games such as AB because I am not quick enough to leave a base and go kill people that I am usually left to defend…. as a resto druid. COME ON. My gear is crappy and I can’t kitty for my life. I can bear better than kitty, and even then it is quite a bit different to healing everyone! Playing EoTS on my Sham-a-lam is also quite fun… mid = elemental love.

15. Best tier set – Tier 6 & 8 are probably my favourite tiers in a lot of classes, just so beautiful!

16. Favourite leveling zone – As my last toons I have played on were Horde – and as Hillsbradย is Horde central now, it would definitely have to be Hillsbrad. It is not because of the level or location. Not even because of the scenery… those redeveloped quests are simply genius. I LOVE the pretend to be a quest giver quest which follows on throughout your questing in Hillsbrad. I love some good sarcasm, wit and dark humour… and being an Aussie, we also love when we pay out ourselves or others. Seeing Blizz paying out on big shot raiders, idiots who think they’re all that with a sparkly horse, or the newbie nubs.. it’s so refreshing that as a gamer we can celebrate ourselves just as much as we can laugh at ourselves. Heck, I used to be newbie nub once and it certainly makes you remember when you were just that terrified to die in case you lost all of your items and gear – Yes, I used to play Runescape and no way was I going near the Wildy… EVER.

17. Favourite dungeon or raid – Ulduar. It is the only raid I truly did the most of and still go into for gear and nostalgic reasons.

18. Scryer or Aldor – Scryer, most of the time.

19. Memorable quote – ”

20. Scenery Porn Zone – Um? Ashenvale perhaps? I really am not sure what I am meant to think of this questions haha.

21. Dragonflight – Green… though I do have a soft spot for the Black. Not that I don’t like Alexstrazsa or anything, but I just like the Greeny ones ๐Ÿ˜› I also like the Black because of Deathwing (and my fascination with the bad ones) and Onyxia. For the longest time I used a picture of Lady Katrana Prestor as a display picture.

22. An Old God – Yogg-Sara. ๐Ÿ˜€

23. Best End Game Boss – I have never gotten to fight an end game boss (at end game) until LFR came out, so as I have not yet killed Garrosh, it would be Deathwing. ๐Ÿ™‚

24. Favourite in-game religion/spirituality – Argent Dawn! ๐Ÿ˜€

25. Favourite Official Trailer – Probably for Wrath as it was my first ever expansion… the feels were really big!

26. In-game cinematic – When you defeat Arthas – I was just a little bit off from getting Lich King, so I had to watch it a little later on, but I had seen it by clicking the statue in the middle of Dalaran. Them feels also.

27. Legendary Item – Hmmm, probably Warglaives. Not that my main toon can use them, but they are just legendary, nothing more nothing less.

28. Best dance – Goblin female, or blood elf female. I just love them. I can just imagine the songs when I see them dance too.

29. Favourite Mount – ย Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows it is Ashes of Al’ar. He will drop for me one day…

30. Burning Legion or the Scourge – Burning Legion, the scourge annoy me more than wide ranged aggro wolves and murlocs. ๐Ÿ˜›

Shorter answers at the end, but I answered them!

30 days of WoW – #8




My favourite major city is hard to choose, especially as I have been both factions and many races.

My top 2 would be Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Only because I have spent the most time in these two other my WoW life.

I also really love Silvermoon, Undercity and Ironforge as well. Silvermoon and Undercity because as I leveled up my Horde toons, I spent the most time there before raiding and exploring the world. Ironforge is much the same story, but it was also more of a major city for me for a while as that was where my friends and I all met when we were to play on target dummies or anything.

30 days of WoW – #7




My favourite male character is probably a lot easier to answer, and both just happen to be villains.

Firstly though, my favourite character out of my toons is Keiyen, because he is the only guy out of my ‘play all the time’ toons. ๐Ÿ˜› Easy choice really!

Now for the NPC male characters I would say that Illidan and Arthas are my two favourites.

Neither started out as evil and bad, but outside influences affected them. I’d probably say that Arthas just wins, and it is probably because his story is really quite sad. He was a prince who was trying to do what he could for his people, and all these outside influences corrupted him. Imagine how many people would be truly better off, but also less know in WoW lore now had he not become the Lich King. Sylvanas would have a different story, so many including Arthas himself. You wouldn’t have an angsty Jaina, well maybe you would but maybe not a heartbroken angsty Jaina anyway.

I really enjoyed the cinematic when Arthas died, not enjoy like haha excellent, but that there was an ending for him. That in death, the real Arthas went off to the spirit land with his father, almost seeming like he was absolved of his sins.

30 days of WoW – #6




Hi guys.

My favourite female character is a hard question to answer, and unfortunately I can’t really answer who my favourite female character would be. If it is a choice of my own, even then I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down that much, especially since 90% of my toons are female.

For my own characters, I would say Nel is my favourite as she, from this day forth, will be my main for the rest of the time I decide she will be. Most definitely into WoD anyway.

For influential characters in game I would possibly say Tyrande. I mean I know a bit of her story, and I base my choice on the fact she is quite involved in the back of stuff (and isn’t one of my most noticed girls such as Sylvanas or Jaina). I think the whole Tyrande Malfurion stuff interests me, especially because of the demise of Illidan. It is really an interesting story, but sad. I really like the whole underdogs – Illidan was in love with Tyrande, but her choice was his brother, Malfurion. I mean that’s gotta cut a brother deep, especially since Malfurion didn’t even notice Illidan had a thing for her. Haha. Anyway yes, she’s pretty darn heroic. To be honest Alleria would also be up there when it comes to heroic feats. I am hoping that there is some Alleria & Turalyon information in WoD, give us something!

30 days of WoW – #4




Favourite Race

Ohhhh boy, you wanna play that game?

I honestly don’t really have one. I used to a be a Blood Elf person, and then a Human person, but I am actually going different races when I can just for diversity. Out of Alliance I am missing a Dwarf, but I am sure I will rectify that at some point. I do admit I have more Humans than anything else, but they’re not necessarily my favourite race.

I am quite enjoying my Goblin at the moment, she’s pretty darn cool.

30 days of WoW – #3




Favourite racial leader for Horde

Sylvanas. Gotta be.

Ever since my first ever character (Blood Elf Priest) I have loved Sylvanas, and that was in 2007. She has had changes and issues to deal with, but she has always been my favourite Horde leader. I will do her quest with the necklace in Ghostlands any chance I can, just to hear Lament of the Highborne.

30 days of WoW – #2




#2 Favourite Racial Leader for Alliance.

For me it just has to be Varian Wrynn. I just think he is the bees knees.

He has made some rash decisions, but I guess he has had to deal with a crap load in his time. How often does your wife get hit in the head with a stone and you have to raise your son, who just happens to be a prince who has possibly more wisdom beyond his years. Anduin, while I find his so annoying sometimes, will probably end up being a better leader of the Alliance than Varian when he is old enough. He hasn’t quite experienced everything in the world, but he is compassionate and sticks by what he believes in. I just hope he loses his whole ‘I’mma run away and sneak into dangerous battlefields’ act in WoD. Who knows what WoD will bring, but heck the prince may have shoes to fill if, god forbid, anything happens to Varian fighting the Iron Horde. I know, nothing changes in our real life stuff, or so we’ve been told! Doesn’t mean there isn’t some parallel effect, it’s not time travel but we know how dangerous meddling with time is!

30 days of WoW – #1




#1 will likely be one of the hardest questions to ask me along with favourite class.

I guess I will say Alliance – I have been Alliance the longest out of all of my WoW life. Not that I don’t like Horde, heck I made a Shaman on Horde Barthilas and have played her more than anything just enjoying the last few months of MoP. Some people are very one-sided when it comes to their faction, but I love both… they both have defining features and sad stories and I quite happily have banners in my office – faction flags, one Horde, one Alliance.